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 Thank you for visiting PHD, Mobile Pet  Studio! Where your pet will receive the best and most professional, friendly, timely mobile pet grooming services that are tailored to each individual pet's specific needs.
A professionally designed, state of the art  Mobile grooming van will come to your home or office and groom your pet right outside your door. 

Monday                8 am - 6 pm
Tuesday               8 am - 4 pm
Wed - Friday        8 am - 6 pm
Saturday              8 am - 4 pm 
Sunday                Closed
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What is mobile grooming?
Mobile pet grooming is not a new idea, in fact it has been around for over 50 years.  
In essence it is a fully functioning grooming salon on wheels. The groomer comes to your home or office and provides your pet with a relaxing spa day. Each van is loaded with electricity, water, heaters, tools, dryer and products to get your dog groomed just right. 
Upon booking your pets grooming appointment you may be asked a few questions like, how often you would like your pet groomed, or offered a set schedule for your pets grooming needs, which you can pre-book for the entire year (not required).  
Wow, wouldn’t that be great! No more asking for appointments and trying to book a last-minute trip to the groomers. 
Mobile groomers offer much more than just a maintenance service for your pet. They offer a truly convenient service. Many include latch key service, where you come home to a clean pet without moving finger. 

Why choose a mobile option instead of a traditional store groomer?
- The convenience of not having to run to the groomer twice; you don't even have to leave your house!
- After you have built a relationship with us, you can feel comfortable leaving your home and returning to a freshly groomed dog!
- Less stress for your dog. There are no other dogs in the van and your dog is the groomer's total focus.
- The dog doesn't have to endure a car ride he may not like but can continue to be freshly groomed on a regular schedule.
- No crate dryers!

We have been properly educated in the well-being and safety of your pet.

We groom cats too!
Cat Grooming (bath, blow-dry, nails, ears) starts out at $95
Lion Cut or Summer Cut (including bath, etc.) starts our at $120 

*Added temperament charge may apply.